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Free Books

All Free Spot freebies – the Free Books section! These books were free when posted. Make sure to verify that they are still free before you click the Buy Now on Amazon, or wherever the freebie is coming from!


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Mountain Angel (Northstar Angels)

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Miscellaneous Freebies

All Free Spot freebies – freebies that don’t fit any other category are listed here.


  • MissingMoney.com – You might have money you don’t know about! A database of assets that have not been claimed. *Report Bad Link*
  • Unclaimed Property and Assets – Find lost assets for you or your relatives. This site consists of state officials charged with the responsibility of collecting and reuniting lost owners with their unclaimed property. Among the topics you can explore: what is unclaimed property, how it becomes abandoned, information about finders, and links to other useful websites. *Report Bad Link*
  • About Unclaimed Property – You might have money you don’t know about! A database of assets that have not been claimed. *Report Bad Link*
  • Decision-Making Experiment: Choices Between Gambles – This is a study of decision making in which you can gamble without risk and perhaps even win some money, if you are lucky. At the same time, your participation in this study can help scientists in the Decision Research Center learn more about how people make choices. Decide first if you want to participate. You must be over 18, and each person can participate only once. Scroll down and look over the questionnaire. It usually takes about 10 minutes. *Report Bad Link*
  • Free T-Shirt Outlet – Promotional t-shirts with printing imperfections. No shipping or handling, this is really free! *Report Bad Link*

  • Windy City Bumper Sticker – Free bumper sticker. Send SASE. *Report Bad Link*
  • Several Free Bumper Stickers – From Citizens for a United Earth. Visualize World Peace, One Human Family, World Peace, There Are No Foreigners, and more! Send SASE. *Report Bad Link*

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Mac Only Freebies

All Free Spot freebies – gives you Macintosh freebies. From our Macintosh to yours. All Free Spot is brought to you by an avid Macintosh user, so of course we’d make sure to include a special category just for Mac folks like us!

  • Gypsy King Shareware Games – Award winning shareware and freeware games by Gypsy King Software. Card games, dice games, politics, fortune tellers, word games, and just plain Mac fun. Check ’em out! *Report Bad Link*
  • Mac Font Vault – All fonts, all Macintosh :-) *Report Bad Link*
  • Shareware Music Machine – Macintosh music software site. Shareware and freeware. Mac, Windows, BeOS, Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Atari. *Report Bad Link*
  • VersionTracker – The number one resource for Macintosh software. Commercial and shareware listings, with the most recent versions available. Best way to find the most up-to-date versions of the software you love! *Report Bad Link*
  • Mac Screensavers – Movies and television, The Mummy, Blair Witch, Wild Wild West and more. Star Trek Voyager, Brittany Spears, Nickelodeon, Ghostbusters….. Froot Loops, A Bug’s Life, cartoons, Rugrats…… Budweiser, Life Savers, Geek Culture….. Mosquito Attack, Tabasco….. and these are just a few. Mac only. *Report Bad Link*
  • Budweiser Frank & Louie Screensaver – For Mac or Windows. Must be 18. *Report Bad Link*
  • Disinfectant – One of the best freeware antivirus programs for the Macintosh. Background protection and virus scanning. It even finds problems with resource forks. Macintosh. This is an older program, and may not recognize the current viruses. *Report Bad Link*
  • Gatekeeper – Protects against virus attacks and monitors computer activities for suspicious events in an attempt to intercept variants of viruses and new viruses. Macintosh. This is an older program, and may not recognize the current viruses. *Report Bad Link*
  • AOL Instant Messenger – Chat over the net with your friends, send and receive files, and you don’t have to use AOL to use this chat program. For Macintosh or Windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • Yahoo Messenger – Instant messages, email, file transfers, and voice chat. For Windows, Macintosh or UNIX! *Report Bad Link*
  • Fetch – User friendly Macintosh FTP client. Point and click, drag and drop. Fetch is free to users affiliated with an educational institution or charitable or non-profit organization. All other users may purchase a shareware license. Includes bookmarks for your favorite FTP sites (and you can add, edit and delete bookmarks). *Report Bad Link*
  • Screensaver Modules for After Dark by Stephen – These screensavers work with After Dark and After Dark compatible screensaver programs. Cool stuff! Macintosh only. *Report Bad Link*

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Freeware and Shareware

All Free Spot freebies – freeware and shareware. Free downloads. Demo software. Trial software. Free software.

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Other Free Sites

This is primarily a link swap page between us and other freebie sites similar to our own. We do not swap links with non-freebie websites (though you can purchase a link in the Exclusive Links section that appears on every page.)

Most of the free sites we had been swapping with either closed up shop or removed our link (or buried it so deep we couldn’t find it) so they are no longer listed here. We don’t go actively seeking link swaps but occasionally one finds us so we honor it here.

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Free Chat Programs

All Free Spot freebies – IM chat, instant messages, file transfers, voice chats, video chats, AOL IM, ICQ, IRC, Facebook chat. Keep track of all your friends via internet chats. Chat with your friends over the internet. Instant messages, file transfers, some programs even offer voice chats!

  • ICQ.com – Chat, groups, message boards, IrCQ, ICQ video. For Mac, Windows, handhelds, and many wireless products. *Report Bad Link*
  • AOL Instant Messenger – Chat over the net with your friends, send and receive files, and you don’t have to use AOL to use this chat program. For Macintosh or Windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • Yahoo Messenger – Instant messages, email, file transfers, and voice chat. For Windows, Macintosh or UNIX! *Report Bad Link*
  • mIRC – Chat with your friends with this Windows-only chat client that plugs you into IRC. *Report Bad Link*
  • Facebook – Facebook let’s you chat with all of your Facebook friends. *Report Bad Link*

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Free Sounds, Music, MP3s & Midi

All Free Spot freebies – gives you free sounds, music, MP3’s and MIDI that you can download today. Freeware, shareware, MPEG, Wav, sound utilities, public domain music and songs. All Free makes no guaranty or representation as to the legality or copyright issues of using these sounds. If you use them, you take full responsibility.

  • Public Domain Music – A reference site to help the ordinary person identify public domain songs and public domain music . . . royalty free music you can use anywhere and any way you choose . . . performance, sing-along, film, video, advertising, business, or personal. *Report Bad Link*
  • Free MP3 Music – Download MP3 music for free. *Report Bad Link*
  • ModPlug Central – Free music and free music resources. *Report Bad Link*
  • FindSounds
    – More than searching text labels, FindSounds.com allows you to search for audio files based on how they sound. You can even create your own sounds and use them to find similar sounds on the Web. *Report Bad Link*
  • WavHounds
    – WAV site and search engine. Annoying popup windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • WavCentral
    – All of their multimedia files have been databased and categorized — to make searching and accessing EASY. *Report Bad Link*
  • daily.wav
    – The original daily.wav site! Annoying your cubemates since 1995. New .WAVs every weekday. *Report Bad Link*
  • SoundRangers
    – MUST HAVE FLASH INSTALLED. Online sound effects and royalty-free music for interactive media, Flash sound, the Internet and beyond. 100% original sounds and wav files from our award winning online library. Checkout the free sounds of the week. *Report Bad Link*
  • Music for Web Pages
    – We list it, but we recommend that you do NOT add music to your website. Trust me, most web surfers don’t want to hear it and you will lose visitors. That said… You can now download original six to sixty-second songs and sounds and upload them to your Web Site. There are free songs to download and MFWP 101 features players like MP3, Winamp, Real Audio and Liquid Audio. Beautify your web page with converted, compressed, original WAV songs and sounds today. *Report Bad Link*
  • Shareware Music Machine – Music software site. Over 30 categories. Shareware and freeware. Mac, Windows, BeOS, Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Atari. *Report Bad Link*
  • Sonic Spot – A comprehensive library of computer music and audio resources. Demo, shareware and freeware, clearly marked. Some reviewed. *Report Bad Link*
  • Partners in Rhyme – Free sound effects archives, royalty free music loops, midi files and sound utilities. *Report Bad Link*
  • Classical MIDI Connection – MIDI for the classical music enthusiasts. Includes tips on creating classical MIDI sequences, tutorials, and an alphabetized list of composers from Bach to Sousa. *Report Bad Link*
  • RadioMoi – Create your own radio shows from their vast library. Check out radio shows of other RadioMoi users. A huge music library. Mac or PC. *Report Bad Link*
  • MP3.com – Free music. Lots of it! This is a serious site. *Report Bad Link*
  • The WAV Surfer – WAV files, with a search engine. *Report Bad Link*

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Free E-cards

All Free Spot freebies – home of the best ecard freebies on the internet. Free ecards, free postcards, free animated ecards, free musical ecards, and ecards for all occasions. Most of these sites include all the standard ecards, even if it’s not specified. Standard ecards include birthdays, holidays, love, etc. Many of these sites include animated and musical ecards as well.

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Free Reference Sites

Reference info on a variety of subjects. Libraries, mythology, repairs, immigration, consumer help, quotes, famous people, explorers, superstitions, news, a wide variety of in-depth information. Great for students needing help with projects!>

  • Purdue Owl Writing Lab – Writing guidelines, grammar guides, writing style guidelines, how to write a resume, punctuation rules, grammar rules, quoting rules, APA style, MLA style, Chicago Manual of Style, writing tutorials. This site is one of the most used by writing professionals. *Report Bad Link*
  • 1907 Nuttall Encyclopedia of General Knowledge – An interesting resource for the way the world appeared 100 years ago. *Report Bad Link*
  • Wikipedia – Excellent resource! A free online encyclopedia, nicely cross-referenced. *Report Bad Link*
  • Mushroom Expert – Comprehensive information on a wide variety of mushrooms. Includes images and usefulness. *Report Bad Link*
  • U.S. Government – Comprehensive list of government sites. *Report Bad Link*
  • Search Systems – Over 17451 free searchable public record databases. Courts, census, criminal records, environmental, FDA, FCC, legal, military, missing persons, most wanted, OSHA, properties for sale, recalls, vehicles, schools, and more. *Report Bad Link*
  • Reference.com – Almanacs, atlases, dictionary, encyclopedias, legal resources, medical resources, thesaurus, holidays and other special calender days. *Report Bad Link*
  • First Science – Science articles, news, poems, quizzes, links, puzzles, photos, and other science related things. *Report Bad Link*
  • All The Tests – Design Your Own! – Design your own quiz and publish it on your web page. Plus tests you can take yourself. IQ tests, think tests, memory tests, personality, career, college entry, men only, and more. *Report Bad Link*
  • Investor Dictionary – Dictionary of investment and financial terms, complete with definitions. *Report Bad Link*
  • Biographies of Famous Women, Past and Present – Search by subject or name. Black History Month. Recent additions. Educators, scientists, heads of state, artists, entertainers, crusadors, politicians and others. *Report Bad Link*
  • National Geographic – Travel, adventure, exploration, maps, kids, news, and all the photos you’ve come to love :-) *Report Bad Link*
  • History Channel Online – Search by keyword, browse by timeline, today in history. Who was the *real* St. Valentine? Take a history IQ test. Learn about the Old West. The Salem Witch trials. World War II. Vietnam. Even find out what happened on your birthday! *Report Bad Link*
  • Ask Dr. Math Your Homework Questions – Elementary school, middle school, high school, and college math questions answered. *Report Bad Link*
  • Haunted Houses – Find haunted houses all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. *Report Bad Link*
  • Halloween – Vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, cemetaries, scary tales, fun and games, and other halloween stuff. *Report Bad Link*
  • Kelley Blue Book – Used Car Values – Find out what that car is worth. Cars and motorcycles. A special section on lemons. Even do a title check. *Report Bad Link*
  • Howstuffworks.com – Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you! Dozens of categories from appliances to automotive to weather to home improvement, even power grids and solar cells, telephones, airplanes, stocks, ATMs, even Christmas! *Report Bad Link*
  • Find Law – Thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, CLE courses, and much more. *Report Bad Link*
  • MediaFinder – The most comprehensive database of print media in North America. Features 35,000 magazines/journals/tabloids, 24,000 newsletters and 11,000 newspapers. Over 100,000 publications and catalogs. *Report Bad Link*
  • 4Tests.com – Free online practice exams. LSAT, ACT, GED, PSAT, COOP/HSPT. *Report Bad Link*
  • Electric Library. – Search the library for that elusive piece of information. *Report Bad Link*
  • Internet Fraud Watch – The Internet Fraud Watch maintains a website on which registered users can leave comments about e-commerce transactions and other related issues. The site, which is operated by the National Consumer League, has links to United States Federal Government consumer related departments, selected state government and state private agency consumer issue websites, as well as links to a few Canadian, a few international and a few organization websites. There is a feature article and an archive of past articles on consumer fraud issues. *Report Bad Link*
  • Grammar Lady – If you need help with the English language, this is the place. A message board, columns, grammar hotline, grammar tips, it’s all about grammar. *Report Bad Link*
  • Public Citizen (Ralph Nader) – Founded by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, get information on a host of consumer-related issues, litigation, legislation, product safety. *Report Bad Link*
  • Famous Explorers – So many links you’ll get lost! *Report Bad Link*
  • Knowledge Resources – History, language and politics. Comprehensive links to knowledge resources within a wide variety of fields of inquiry, as well as much original material. Primary focus is history, but language, futurism and political science feature as well. *Report Bad Link*
  • Infoplease – Encyclopedia, almanac and dictionary site. *Report Bad Link*
  • Encyclopedia Mythica – An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend. *Report Bad Link*
  • Encyclopedia.com – Free online encyclopedia. Cross-referenced. *Report Bad Link*
  • Funk & Wagnall’s – Funk & Wagnall’s encyclopedia online with animations, sounds, and more. Updated monthly. Includes a dictionary too. *Report Bad Link*
  • Symbols.net – Links to symbols of all kinds. African, ancient, astrology, Chinese, Christian, dream symbols, Egyptian Heiroglyphics, mystical and magical, Jewish, Native American, runes, and others. *Report Bad Link*
  • Yahoo Directory – Libraries, archives, government documents, maps, specialty libraries, school libraries, history, and a host of other reference related listings. *Report Bad Link*
  • Mythology and Folklore – Mythology and folklore, creatures, superstitions, legends. *Report Bad Link*
  • Irish Mythology & Folklore – Mythology and folklore specific to Ireland. *Report Bad Link*
  • LSU Libraries – U.S. Federal Government Agencies Directory. A listing of federal agencies on the internet. *Report Bad Link*
  • Science Daily – Website devoted to science news stories. Health, medicine, mind, brain, plants, animals, space, time, matter, energy, earth, climate, computers, math, fossils, ruins, fun, learning, trends and issues. *Report Bad Link*
  • Thomas – Legislative information. Bills on the table, historical documents, impeachment documents, legislation, congressional records and committee reports. *Report Bad Link*
  • FedWorld – Comprehensive information provided by the government. Military, customs, satellite images, health, automotive, FAA, reports, all with a search engine you can type keywords into. *Report Bad Link*
  • Newspapers Online – Newspapers in the U.S. and all over the world. Trade journals, specialty publications, business publications, school and religious publications, online news services, all sorts of neat publications. *Report Bad Link*
  • Library Spot – Find online libraries, law libraries, medical libraries, music libraries, plus a reference desk, reading room, and other information. *Report Bad Link*

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