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All Free Spot freebies – get paid to surf the internet.

Want to get paid just for surfing the internet?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Money Making Opportunities

All Free Spot freebies – affiliate programs and other money making opportunities. Get paid to take surveys, get paid to write, get paid to take pictures, get paid to shop, get paid for your opinion.

    Affiliate Programs

  • Commission Junction – If you have a Web site, you can make money! Commission Junction is a warehouse of affiliate programs all under one roof. Hundreds to choose from, join as many as you like, get paid in one check. No wasted time, when you’re searching through their database of programs, you can see which ones you’ve already joined. And you can search for programs several ways, including pay per impression, click, lead or sale. *Report Bad Link*
  • – Large selection of merchants. Easy to join. We’ve made money with this one. *Report Bad Link*
  • Internet Marketing Center – Earn $65 per sale with NO RISK. *Report Bad Link*
  • What The Successful Affiliates Don’t Want You To Know – The Big Boys don’t want you to know their secrets. They dole out bits and pieces of information, but the real information, the good stuff, they keep to themselves. *Report Bad Link*
  • Direct Leads – An affiliate program with a twist…. not only do they have a number of programs to choose from, they also have a freebies site you can link to that is YOURS. All the offers on it are credited to YOU. Unique idea. Plus the commission percentages increase if you do earn $1,000, $5,000, then $7,000. *Report Bad Link*
  • Other Ways to Make Money

  • Swagbucks – A rewards site that pays you for things you are already doing every day. If you’re going to do it anyway, why not get paid for it?*Report Bad Link*
  • UPromise – Get cash back from your online purchases or invest it in your children’s college fund. UPromise has partnered with thousands of big name retailers. You just click through to the retailer’s shopping site from the UPromise site and watch the money grow!*Report Bad Link*
  • Constant Content for Writers – This one’s for writers. allows you to sell your articles thru their website. You can sell usage rights (and keep on selling usage rights for multiple sales) or all rights and the choice is up to you. There are many such sites out there but this one has the best TOS for writers who do not want to give up rights to their content or allow a site to keep using their content long after they are no longer affiliated with the site. Trust me, the fine print on the other sites scared us as our goal is to retain rights for our own use as well. For this reason, Constant Content gets our vote and we’ve signed up to provide articles thru them. *Report Bad Link*
  • Shutterstock for Photographers – This one’s for photographers. Shutterstock let’s you submit your photos to their database for others to buy rights to use. You retain your copyrights and just sell usage rights. We attempted to get in but our photos weren’t up to par. You really do need to know your photo stuff to get into the stock photo sites but if you can get in, you can make money.*Report Bad Link*
  • Earn More Money From Anything You Sell – If you offer any type of product, service, or subscription, TrialPay can convert your traffic into buyers. TrialPay is a revolutionary new concept. Consumers get your product for free, and someone else pays you for it! People like free. It works like this: Consumer buys something from a major company such as Blockbuster, Gap, eBay, etc. They know that they will get your goodie for free, so they are highly motivated. It’s the same as Buy One, Get One Free, except that two companies and two products are involved. They buy from Blockbuster, and Blockbuster pays you for the Get One Free item you provided. Why would they do this? Because people go to their website, and surf on out without buying. This is a cost of advertising for them, to help them convert non-buyers into buyers. Your freebie offers incentive. It’s a Win-Win scenario for everybody! There isno cost to you to sign up. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and more money to gain. Try it now! *Report Bad Link*
  • Win Great Prizes at PermissionResearch! – Make money with your opinion. *Report Bad Link*
  • Survey4Profit – Get paid to take surveys from $10 to $250 per survey plus win cash and prizes. *Report Bad Link*
  • Get Paid for Filling Out Surveys – Your participation in projects with Greenfield Online directly influences the way companies develop products, policies, and services to better meet your consumer needs! Join now and be entered to win our $2,000 Cash Giveaway and hundreds of other cash and merchandise prizes for participating in their online surveys. *Report Bad Link*
  • Cash for your Opinions – Earn up to $25 for your opinion, plus the chance to win more. *Report Bad Link*
  • Unclaimed Property and Assets – Click on the OWNERS button. Find lost assets for you or your relatives. This site consists of state officials charged with the responsibility of collecting and reuniting lost owners with their unclaimed property. Among the topics you can explore: what is unclaimed property, how it becomes abandoned, information about finders, and links to other useful websites. We found $75 of our own missing money!*Report Bad Link*
  • – Earn cash if someone buys a product from your site. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for ways to Make Money Online?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Get Paid to Shop

All Free Spot freebies – get paid to shop! Mystery shoppers wanted. Mystery shopping companies and even mystery shopper news.

Looking for Mystery Shopping Jobs?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

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