Free Books

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All Free Spot freebies – the Free Books section! These books were free when posted. Make sure to verify that they are still free before you click the Buy Now on Amazon, or wherever the freebie is coming from! Looking for free books?Try a Google search. Google can find anything!Enter your search terms: BookBub – […]

Free Crafts & Patterns

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All Free Spot freebies – free craft patterns, sewing patterns, crochet patterns, needlepoint, needlework, knitting patterns, quilting, how-to’s, origami, cross-stitch, beading and beadwork patterns. Looking for free craft and sewing patterns?Try a Google search. Google can find anything!Enter your search terms: Nuts About Needlepoint – The ultimate needlepoint blog with how-to’s, and tons of ideas. […]

Other Webmaster Stuff

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More free webmaster resources to help you build and maintain your website. From website templates to HTML validators, we’ve got the freebies. WordPress Website Templates – WordPress takes website templates to a whole new level. Not only do you get an incredible selection of graphics, you get layout, plugins, everything you need to make your […]

Miscellaneous Freebies

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All Free Spot freebies – freebies that don’t fit any other category are listed here. MISCELLANEOUS FREEBIES – You might have money you don’t know about! A database of assets that have not been claimed. *Report Bad Link* Unclaimed Property and Assets – Find lost assets for you or your relatives. This site consists […]

Mac Only Freebies

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You’ve gotta have a Macintosh for the free stuff on this page. Mac freebies are listed all throughout the All Free Website. We’ve tried to differentiate between Mac and PC, or Mac and DOS and Windows wherever possible. If this makes you happy, consider placing a link to us on your Web page. After all, […]

Freeware and Shareware

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All Free Spot freebies – freeware and shareware. Free downloads. Demo software. Trial software. Free software. Download sites. 50 other freebie categories, too! Looking for Free Software, Freeware and Shareware?Try a Google search. Google can find anything!Enter your search terms: FreeOffice for Windows and Linux – A free alternative to Microsoft Office with a word […]

Free Magazines

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All Free Spot freebies – gives you free magazines and magazine subscriptions, newsletters and other goodies to read. Note that so many magazines are available online now there aren’t as many free hard copy offerings. Business Finance Magazine – 12 month subscription free to qualified subscribers. We presume this means you must hold a high […]

Free Screensavers

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All Free Spot freebies – free screensavers, wallpaper, desktop wallpaper. Macintosh screensavers, Windows screensavers, OSX screensavers, Windows Vista screensavers, Mac screensavers. Gaia Screensavers – Free screensavers. 3D chess game screensaver. *Report Bad Link* 3D Screensavers – See the pic before you download. Collect all free animated 3D screen savers. supports opengl direct3d directX glide nvidia […]

Free Tax Forms and Tax Help

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Free tax forms, free tax information, and links to government websites. File your taxes free. Download state and federal tax forms, get your tax questions answered, and read the entire U.S. Internal Revenue tax code. Includes tax news, tips, FAQs, and other tax info. Looking for Free Tax Forms?Try a Google search. Google can find […]

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