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Mac Only Freebies

All Free Spot freebies – gives you Macintosh freebies. From our Macintosh to yours. All Free Spot is brought to you by an avid Macintosh user, so of course we’d make sure to include a special category just for Mac folks like us!

  • Gypsy King Shareware Games – Award winning shareware and freeware games by Gypsy King Software. Card games, dice games, politics, fortune tellers, word games, and just plain Mac fun. Check ’em out! *Report Bad Link*
  • Mac Font Vault – All fonts, all Macintosh :-) *Report Bad Link*
  • Shareware Music Machine – Macintosh music software site. Shareware and freeware. Mac, Windows, BeOS, Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Atari. *Report Bad Link*
  • VersionTracker – The number one resource for Macintosh software. Commercial and shareware listings, with the most recent versions available. Best way to find the most up-to-date versions of the software you love! *Report Bad Link*
  • Mac Screensavers – Movies and television, The Mummy, Blair Witch, Wild Wild West and more. Star Trek Voyager, Brittany Spears, Nickelodeon, Ghostbusters….. Froot Loops, A Bug’s Life, cartoons, Rugrats…… Budweiser, Life Savers, Geek Culture….. Mosquito Attack, Tabasco….. and these are just a few. Mac only. *Report Bad Link*
  • Budweiser Frank & Louie Screensaver – For Mac or Windows. Must be 18. *Report Bad Link*
  • Disinfectant – One of the best freeware antivirus programs for the Macintosh. Background protection and virus scanning. It even finds problems with resource forks. Macintosh. This is an older program, and may not recognize the current viruses. *Report Bad Link*
  • Gatekeeper – Protects against virus attacks and monitors computer activities for suspicious events in an attempt to intercept variants of viruses and new viruses. Macintosh. This is an older program, and may not recognize the current viruses. *Report Bad Link*
  • AOL Instant Messenger – Chat over the net with your friends, send and receive files, and you don’t have to use AOL to use this chat program. For Macintosh or Windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • Yahoo Messenger – Instant messages, email, file transfers, and voice chat. For Windows, Macintosh or UNIX! *Report Bad Link*
  • Fetch – User friendly Macintosh FTP client. Point and click, drag and drop. Fetch is free to users affiliated with an educational institution or charitable or non-profit organization. All other users may purchase a shareware license. Includes bookmarks for your favorite FTP sites (and you can add, edit and delete bookmarks). *Report Bad Link*
  • Screensaver Modules for After Dark by Stephen – These screensavers work with After Dark and After Dark compatible screensaver programs. Cool stuff! Macintosh only. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for Macintosh Freebies?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!