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Free CGI/Java Scripts

Looking for Free CGI and Javascript snippets?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

  • Autoscripter – This is a group of free script engines, writing tailor-made scripts and complete web pages to your order. Whether JavaScript, Perl, Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML or Multimedia. The scripts can be pasted directly into your own HTML or uploaded into your cgi directory. Macintosh and Windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • Introduction to PHP – My favorite of the PHP sites. A very detailed PHP tutorial. One of the few sites that does not assume that you already know something about PHP and how it works. The script examples are complete, not just excerpts from a script assuming you know what to do with the rest of it. Good job! *Report Bad Link*
  • PHP Site – Top notch PHP tutorials. Very detailed. User comments plentiful. *Report Bad Link*
  • PHP Freaks – PHP scripts, articles, links, tutorials and news. *Report Bad Link*
  • The Perl Archive – CGI/Perl archive. Thousands of perl/cgi programs. *Report Bad Link*
  • Java Script Corral – Get Free Scripts for your Web Site from this Large Collection.  Provide your visitors with dynamic News and Weather giving them a reason to return to your Site often. Learn how to do Pop-up Windows.  Scripts for weather forecasts, news headlines, pop-up windows, clocks, scrollers, dates, menus, image display, dynamic page updates and more are available here in a cut-and-paste format. *Report Bad Link*
  • Java-Scripts.net – A great little place to find cool and useful JavaScripts for your site! All scripts on this site come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, along with a live demonstration. Just pick a category below, and off you go! *Report Bad Link*
  • A1 Javascripts – This site contains a large number of FREE quality JavaScripts including a DHTML section, tutorials, forum and online tools, well presented including examples of each script. *Report Bad Link*
  • Javascript.com – For the latest and greatest JavaScript tutorials, scripts, tips and links, be sure to visit JavaScript.com! *Report Bad Link*
  • WebKnowHow – HTML, Java, Javascript, Perl, Web databases, CGI, ASP, Web promotions, and other Web assistance. *Report Bad Link*
  • Big Nose Bird – Free CGI scripts and a whole host of other Web page building resources. *Report Bad Link*
  • Developer’s Daily Home – CGI, Java, Perl, Unix, miniSQL and tutorials. *Report Bad Link*
  • Matt’s Script Archive – CGI and HTML. *Report Bad Link*
  • The CGI Resource Index – Over 2500 CGI related resources listed in The CGI Resource Index. *Report Bad Link*
  • Dynamic Drive – Javascript and DHTML. *Report Bad Link*
  • Nic’s JavaScript Page – Streamlined JavaScript code. *Report Bad Link*
  • Web Developer Javascript – Javascript articles, links and resources. *Report Bad Link*
  • Webreference – Java, Perl, CGI, Unix, ActiveX, forms and a lot of info. *Report Bad Link*
  • CGI Script Directory – FTP site of CGI scripts. *Report Bad Link*
  • Java City 2000 – Java scripts and applets, midis, Java scripts and Y2K bugs info. Over 400 scripts. *Report Bad Link*
  • MacPerl – MacPerl is an adaptation of Perl (5) for Macintosh. It offers nearly all the features of Perl PLUS oodles of Mac-specific functionality. Perl is a language used for CGI scripts and other things. *Report Bad Link*
  • JavaScript Source – Cut and paste JavaScript for your Web pages with a working example of each. *Report Bad Link*
  • ScriptSearch – Holy moley, over 5000 scripts! In Java, Perl, Tcl and others. With some uncommon categories. *Report Bad Link*
  • Free-Scripts – CGI and mIRC. Includes scripts for auctions, contests and giveaways and more. *Report Bad Link*
  • CGI-City – CGI and Perl. Scripts, tutorials, reference material. Scripts include guestbooks, hit tracker logs, affiliate programs (start your own!), auctions, e-commerce, and all sorts of other neat things. *Report Bad Link*