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Free Chat Programs

All Free Spot freebies – free chat programs for your website. Let your visitors chat with each other. Java chat rooms, message boards and other chat goodies.

  • Chat Forum – Webmasters, add a FREE Java chat room to YOUR website today! Let your website visitors chat with each other in real time, bringing them back to your site time and again. Best of all, it’s FREE! *Report Bad Link*
  • Free Java Chat – Java chat applets to jump start your new web site. *Report Bad Link*
  • ParaChat – In 1996, ParaChat™ pioneered the hosted Java chat software solution. ParaChat has since been licensed over 1,633,821 times, making it one of the most popular Java chats available. ParaChat’s high level of customizability, ease of use, speed and reliability remain hallmarks by which ParaChat is best known. Free Version, and paid versions available. *Report Bad Link*
  • The Perl Archive – Chat programs for your Web site, some are free, some are not. A listing of features. *Report Bad Link*
  • Bravenet – Live Java chat for your Web site. They also provide guestbooks, message boards, email forms, hit counters and stats, mailing lists, and other Webmaster goodies. *Report Bad Link*

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