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Find People

All Free Spot freebies – find lost loved ones, old classmates, even do background checks. Genealogy searches, phone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, find ’em all.

Looking for lost loved ones or class reunions?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Free Health Info

Tons of free information on every health issue imaginable. Diseases, addictions, alternative medicine, drugs and prescriptions, herbal medicine, support groups, health encyclopedias, medical dictionaries, health resources, health articles, dieting and diet aids, first aid, alternative health, healthy living, vitamins and supplements, medical tests and procedures, and occasionally a free sample thrown in for good measure.

  • Free Diabetes Friendly Recipes – Free recipes for diabetics. 100 diabetes friendly recipes. *Report Bad Link*
  • Edgar Cayce Botanical Medicine – The Cayce Herbal is a comprehensive guide to the botanical medicine of Edgar Cayce.  Over a period of 40 years, Edgar Cayce prescribed over 100 herbs for a wide variety of conditions.  This work provides direct documentation of the herbal formulas with excerpts from the Cayce readings.  Classic texts from the herbal literature are included to give a context for Cayce’s recommendations. *Report Bad Link*
  • Calorie King – My personal favorite calorie counting website. If you are dieting the old-fashioned way by counting calories, this website will tell you how many calories is in virtually anything, including restaurant meals. Totally awesome! *Report Bad Link*
  • Calorie Calculators – A collection of free calorie calculators to help you lose weight from Iowa State University. No gimmicks here, just solid information. I’ve been using this site along with the Calorie King site and have steadily been losing one pound a week, by calculating my maintenance calories, subtracting 500, and limiting my daily intake to that amount. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far. *Report Bad Link*
  • Mushroom Expert – Comprehensive information on a wide variety of mushrooms. Includes images and whether the mushroom is edible, poisonous, or medicinal. *Report Bad Link*
  • WebMD – Medical news, health encyclopedia, medical dictionary, diseases and conditions, drugs and medications, herbals and vitamins, tests and procedures. *Report Bad Link*
  • – Comprehensive medical site. *Report Bad Link*
  • 1Up Health – Medical resource provides comprehensive and authorative information and news on diseases, symptoms, tests, surgery, injuries, nutrition, medications, and poisons. Focuses on family and community health. *Report Bad Link*
  • Mesothelioma Site – What it is, symptoms, causes, treatments, support groups, counseling, FAQs, statistics, and educational resources for people with mesothelioma. *Report Bad Link*
  • Addiction Resource List – Resources to help you quit the addiction that dogs you. *Report Bad Link*
  • Alternative Medicine Channel – Alternative medicine site. *Report Bad Link*
  • Amalgam Free Dentists – Site 1

    Amalgam Free Dentists – Site 2

    Amalgam Free Dentists in the US, Canada, Mexico, and UK and Amalgam Info – Amalgam/silver tooth fillings are now believed to be bad for your health. Most dentists still use them, and many dentists are not yet convinced, though studies have been done, and some countries have banned the use of them. Here is a list of amalgam free dentists, and info relating to amalgam fillings. *Report Bad Link*
  • Drugs and Alcohol – No, we’re not listing free drugs and free alcohol… LOL… but has a number of freebies related to both… posters, brochures, pamphlets, videos, floppy disks, books, and a whole slew of good information. Subjects include alcohol, drugs, inhalents, tobacco, steroids, prescription drugs, kids, elderly, treatment, teens, researchers, AIDS, all sorts of info. *Report Bad Link*
  • Rape and Incest Hotline – The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), a non-profit organization, operates America’s only national hotline for victims of sexual assault. The hotline provides callers free, confidential counseling and support 24 hours a day, from anywhere in America. Calls are connected instantly to the closest of the more than 860 rape crisis centers in RAINN’s network. A trained counselor answers every call and offers advice and support. Every call is completely confidential and there is never any charge to the caller. In five years of operation, RAINN has helped more than 342,000 sexual assault victims. Recording artist Tori Amos, herself a survivor of sexual assault, serves as the chair of RAINN’s advisory board.
    *Report Bad Link*
    – Alzheimer’s support. Info on treatment and research, support groups, and the latest news. *Report Bad Link*
  • Raintree – An index of herbal and alternative health sites on the web. Quite a number of links, including vegetarian, chiropractic, homeopathy, edible and medicinal plants, herbs and aromas, ayurvedic medicine, and other alternative sites. *Report Bad Link*
  • – Health Square is a Health information resource for women with an emphasis on pregnancy, infertility, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Featuring information on drugs, diseases and disorders from the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), the National Institute of Health and various medical associations, all written for the lay person. *Report Bad Link*
  • Peer Discussion Forum – Discussions about a variety of health issues, including alcholism, chronic fatigue, dieting, gay issues, lupus, meditation, STD’s, pregnancy, smoking, and others. *Report Bad Link*
  • National Institutes of Health – Consumer health publications, clinical trial info, health hotlines, health literature, and a listing of other health related resources. *Report Bad Link*
  • HealthWorld Online – Free Medline, health conditions, alternative medicine, free newsletter, and more. *Report Bad Link*
  • MedicineNet – Diseases and treatments, procedures and tests, medical dictionary, first aid and poison control information. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for Free Health Info?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Other Free Sites

This is primarily a link swap page between us and other freebie sites similar to our own. We do not swap links with non-freebie websites (though you can purchase a link in the Exclusive Links section that appears on every page.)

Most of the free sites we had been swapping with either closed up shop or removed our link (or buried it so deep we couldn’t find it) so they are no longer listed here. We don’t go actively seeking link swaps but occasionally one finds us so we honor it here.

Looking for Other Freebie websites?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Free Chat Programs

All Free Spot freebies – IM chat, instant messages, file transfers, voice chats, video chats, AOL IM, ICQ, IRC, Facebook chat. Keep track of all your friends via internet chats. Chat with your friends over the internet. Instant messages, file transfers, some programs even offer voice chats!

  • – Chat, groups, message boards, IrCQ, ICQ video. For Mac, Windows, handhelds, and many wireless products. *Report Bad Link*
  • AOL Instant Messenger – Chat over the net with your friends, send and receive files, and you don’t have to use AOL to use this chat program. For Macintosh or Windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • Yahoo Messenger – Instant messages, email, file transfers, and voice chat. For Windows, Macintosh or UNIX! *Report Bad Link*
  • mIRC – Chat with your friends with this Windows-only chat client that plugs you into IRC. *Report Bad Link*
  • Facebook – Facebook let’s you chat with all of your Facebook friends. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for Free Chat Programs?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Get Paid to Surf

All Free Spot freebies – get paid to surf the internet.

Want to get paid just for surfing the internet?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Free Guestbooks

Free guestbooks for your website. Customized guestbooks, guestbook templates, design your own guestbook.

  • Bravenet – Guestbooks. Customize the title, background graphics and colors, even put in some music. Ask up to fifteen questions, in any language. Turn off/on profanity (cuss words), IP address banning, and email notification when someone signs. They also provide chat rooms for your Web page, message boards, email forms, hit counters and stats, mailing lists, and other Webmaster goodies. *Report Bad Link*
  • – Set up is a piece of cake. Choose your background color, text colors and font style. *Report Bad Link*
  • GuestWorld – Keep in touch with who’s visiting you with a free guestbook. *Report Bad Link*
  • Miatrade – No programming or scripts necessary. Link to the guestbook. *Report Bad Link*
  • Dreambook – Design your own guestbook to match your site. *Report Bad Link*
  • Webdiner Guestbook Templates – Several to choose from. No CGI required. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for Free Guestbooks for your website?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Free Sounds, Music, MP3s & Midi

All Free Spot freebies – gives you free sounds, music, MP3’s and MIDI that you can download today. Freeware, shareware, MPEG, Wav, sound utilities, public domain music and songs. All Free makes no guaranty or representation as to the legality or copyright issues of using these sounds. If you use them, you take full responsibility.

  • Public Domain Music – A reference site to help the ordinary person identify public domain songs and public domain music . . . royalty free music you can use anywhere and any way you choose . . . performance, sing-along, film, video, advertising, business, or personal. *Report Bad Link*
  • Free MP3 Music – Download MP3 music for free. *Report Bad Link*
  • ModPlug Central – Free music and free music resources. *Report Bad Link*
  • FindSounds
    – More than searching text labels, allows you to search for audio files based on how they sound. You can even create your own sounds and use them to find similar sounds on the Web. *Report Bad Link*
  • WavHounds
    – WAV site and search engine. Annoying popup windows. *Report Bad Link*
  • WavCentral
    – All of their multimedia files have been databased and categorized — to make searching and accessing EASY. *Report Bad Link*
  • daily.wav
    – The original daily.wav site! Annoying your cubemates since 1995. New .WAVs every weekday. *Report Bad Link*
  • SoundRangers
    – MUST HAVE FLASH INSTALLED. Online sound effects and royalty-free music for interactive media, Flash sound, the Internet and beyond. 100% original sounds and wav files from our award winning online library. Checkout the free sounds of the week. *Report Bad Link*
  • Music for Web Pages
    – We list it, but we recommend that you do NOT add music to your website. Trust me, most web surfers don’t want to hear it and you will lose visitors. That said… You can now download original six to sixty-second songs and sounds and upload them to your Web Site. There are free songs to download and MFWP 101 features players like MP3, Winamp, Real Audio and Liquid Audio. Beautify your web page with converted, compressed, original WAV songs and sounds today. *Report Bad Link*
  • Shareware Music Machine – Music software site. Over 30 categories. Shareware and freeware. Mac, Windows, BeOS, Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Atari. *Report Bad Link*
  • Sonic Spot – A comprehensive library of computer music and audio resources. Demo, shareware and freeware, clearly marked. Some reviewed. *Report Bad Link*
  • Partners in Rhyme – Free sound effects archives, royalty free music loops, midi files and sound utilities. *Report Bad Link*
  • Classical MIDI Connection – MIDI for the classical music enthusiasts. Includes tips on creating classical MIDI sequences, tutorials, and an alphabetized list of composers from Bach to Sousa. *Report Bad Link*
  • RadioMoi – Create your own radio shows from their vast library. Check out radio shows of other RadioMoi users. A huge music library. Mac or PC. *Report Bad Link*
  • – Free music. Lots of it! This is a serious site. *Report Bad Link*
  • The WAV Surfer – WAV files, with a search engine. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for Free Sounds and MP3s?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Free Chat Programs

All Free Spot freebies – free chat programs for your website. Let your visitors chat with each other. Java chat rooms, message boards and other chat goodies.

  • Chat Forum – Webmasters, add a FREE Java chat room to YOUR website today! Let your website visitors chat with each other in real time, bringing them back to your site time and again. Best of all, it’s FREE! *Report Bad Link*
  • Free Java Chat – Java chat applets to jump start your new web site. *Report Bad Link*
  • ParaChat – In 1996, ParaChat™ pioneered the hosted Java chat software solution. ParaChat has since been licensed over 1,633,821 times, making it one of the most popular Java chats available. ParaChat’s high level of customizability, ease of use, speed and reliability remain hallmarks by which ParaChat is best known. Free Version, and paid versions available. *Report Bad Link*
  • The Perl Archive – Chat programs for your Web site, some are free, some are not. A listing of features. *Report Bad Link*
  • Bravenet – Live Java chat for your Web site. They also provide guestbooks, message boards, email forms, hit counters and stats, mailing lists, and other Webmaster goodies. *Report Bad Link*

Looking for Free Webmaster Chat Rooms?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!

Free E-cards

All Free Spot freebies – home of the best ecard freebies on the internet. Free ecards, free postcards, free animated ecards, free musical ecards, and ecards for all occasions. Most of these sites include all the standard ecards, even if it’s not specified. Standard ecards include birthdays, holidays, love, etc. Many of these sites include animated and musical ecards as well.

Looking for Free eCards?
Try a Google search. Google can find anything!